Commercial Storage Seattle

Commercial-Storage-Seattle-waIf you have a challenging storage problem and increasing the size and space of your Seattle, WA commercial business is not a practical solution, we offer commercial storage space that will allow you to expand your business potential. We have storage units in a variety of sizes to meet your unique needs for furniture, equipment, files, records and inventory as a temporary or ongoing business solution. These are just a few of the amenities we provide to give our customers the very finest value for additional storage capacity:

  • Excellent value €“ competitive cost per square foot
  • Climate-controlled units to help protect valuable records, furniture and equipment
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Personalized coded entry and access systems for retrieval of files or inventory as needed
  • Convenient access hours
  • Well-lighted, clean and modern facilities

Call Seattle Select Storage to learn how we can serve you with temporary or year-round commercial storage space as a sensible solution for challenging storage needs.

Business Storage Seattle

Business-Storage-Seattle-waIn addition to providing professional office moving and business relocation services, we offer cost-effective temporary business storage solutions for expansion, down-sizing or transitions. Whatever challenges you may be facing in terms of a greater need for storage space, we have temporary business storage space available as a great temporary or long-term option. This type of storage offers:

  • A flexible, cost-effective solution €“ lower rates than renting commercial space
  • A means of providing added storage while minimizing any capital investment
  • A secure, climate-controlled space during a business relocation
  • A temporary and affordable means of remotely increasing business capacity
  • An off-site location for storing and organizing inventory

We have assisted hundreds of small businesses with cost-effective and affordable ways to store furniture, records, extra inventory and equipment in a safe, climate-controlled facility that offers easy accessibility. Let us help you choose from our wide range of unit sizes that are perfect for businesses looking for temporary business storage space!

Seattle Storage Unit

Storage-Unit-Seattle-waIf your business records and excess equipment are taking valuable space away from expansion or growth, call us for the perfect size storage unit rather than committing to costly commercial rental space. We can accommodate your needs for temporary or long-term climate-controlled business storage to protect your records, electronic equipment, files and inventory from the harmful effects of severe temperature changes and moisture.

Whether you require a business or commercial storage unit, our facilities offer climate-controlled conditions vital for:

  • Prevention of damage from extreme heat or low temperatures
  • Avoiding the dangers of rust, corrosion, or growth of mold or mildew
  • Protecting natural items such as wood or fiber products, and specialized equipment within a narrow band of temperature and humidity to avoid changes in the materials

Our storage unit facilities are also equipped with security features, bright lighting, surveillance equipment, and convenient access.

Call Seattle Select Storage for the perfect answer to efficient commercial storage for extra inventory, records, documents, furniture and equipment at a cost-effective price. Call 206-486-4301 to hear our storage unit prices.